Welcome Zepp!

Due to the long travel time yesterday we had a restless night. But we are still quite well equipped. Of course we also have to be fit because we are going to meet Zepp today.

In the morning we spend our time doing some shopping so that we have some snacks and food for in our hotelroom. Zepp will take Jodi to the vet to have the health declaration completed and to get the deworming tablet. These are the last two things to be allowed to come to the Netherlands. The schedule is for Zepp to arrive at the hotel around 1:00 PM.

We also used the morning to see a bit of the area and to go to a large shopping center. There is always something sticking to your hands. Around 12:00 we drove back to the hotel so we could hang out there for a while.

Around 1:00 PM Jodi got the message that she was almost there. With Zepp! When Zepp was taken out of the crate, he was still a little sleepy and hesitant. After all, there are strange people in front of him. But soon the ice was broken! Zepp is a little more black & tan than Raya. Very nice! Hearts quickly flew through the air. We were sold to Zepp. Jodi said goodbye to Zepp and drove home with Maia. This is always a sensitive moment. Especially if you have been with such a sweet dog for almost 15 weeks. We went to the hotel room with Zepp to get to know each other. Of course we had some treats and toys for him. These were immediately appreciated.

Later in the day we drove to Bayfront Park with Zepp to take a short walk. It was quiet so we had all of Zepp’s attention. It was a nice environment to get to know each other in nature.

After an intensive day for Zepp, we all went to bed on time. Zepp had been given a crate and his favorite pillow from Jodi. Would this help for a good night?

Good night!