Three weeks later

We are now three weeks further after we left for Canada to pick up Zepp. Time flies!

From the moment we arrived at home it is a great journey of discovery for Zepp, meeting Raya, the children, the house and the environment. Everything is different! He just finds it interesting.
In the first week Zepp also went to dog school. Immediately between a whole gang of other four-legged friends. This went really well! Zepp is clearly well socialized. The exercises he was taught were also well received.

Raya is only too eager to play with Zepp. Only Zepp needs some rest now and then. Raya doesn’t always get that. She prefers to pull him out of his basket to continue playing. They have already become close friends. They are already sleeping together in the basket and in the evening they are cozy with the owners on the couch!

Raya and Zepp are also starting to get into their daily rhythm. They can already stay home alone for several hours. Zepp is of course in his crate. Otherwise it will destroy everything. †