Our Manchester terriërs

These are our Black & Tan buddies Raya and Zepp.


Raya is our Manchester terriër. A companion dog, a watchdog, a friend, a buddy.

The meaning of the name is `peaceful, queen`.

Raya (Raya of House Audiens) was born on July 2, 2018. Her mother is Laika (Thunder Dragon Freija) and her father is Odin (Odin Van De Posthoornwieke).

What she prefers to do is chill out on the couch or play with her favorite ball in the garden.


Zepp! Our guy!

The meaning of the name is ‘West Wind’.

Zepp (Moonshadows Soul Of The Sea) was born on January  23, 2022. His mother is Annie (Moonshadow Dreamboat Annie) and his father is Talon (Thunder Dragon Ilunari).

He is affectionate, sweet, very active and loyal to his owners. But above all, a real cuddly bear.