Finally! It’s time!

Thursday 5 May it was finally time. We started the trip to Canada to pick up Zepp.
This day started very early for us. To avoid any problems at Schiphol, we left at 04:10 am.

After a drive of just under 2 hours we arrived in the parking garage. This one was very friendly to us and opened the barriers all by itself. After having found a nice spot, we took the shuttle bus to the terminal. When we arrived in the departure hall it was already 06:30 am. Check in your suitcase, CHECK! Through the first check with the boarding pass, CHECK! Second check was the border check, CHECK! Wow! this went fast! It was only 07:30 am and we were already in the departure area of ​​Schiphol! So far so good.

If you travel to Canada, you must meet strict requirements regarding COVID-19 rules. We had already forwarded all the necessary documents in advance. As a result, it was only necessary to report at the gate that was set up for this. There you got a stamp if everything was in order. So this one, CHECK! And then… 3 hours of waiting before we were allowed to leave (including the one hour delay)!

We finally took off at 12:15 pm. After a flight of almost 8 hours we arrived in Toronto (Canada). Again the same here, through border control, CHECK! Through  the COVID-19 control, CHECK! At 02:50 pm Canadian time we walked to the rental car with our suitcase! We can’t complain about this.
On the way to the hotel we had some traffic jams. Fortunately, these were not so bad, so we could quickly take our rest in the room. It was a long day and drive!

Sweet dreams!