Dog Show and Niagara Falls

What a night! Zepp slept from 10:30 pm to 7:00 am! Only cried a little three times when he was just sitting in the crate. But then nothing at all.

To take Zepp back we bought a travel bag. To get used to this, we showed it to Zepp. He jumped in himself. So no problem. To practice even more, we took it in the bag to breakfast. Here too he stayed neatly in the bag (to sleep). So easy dog!

We had arranged to meet Jodi in Welland, Ontario at 11:00 AM. This was another one hour drive. A dog show was held here. For example, we were able to experience how the dog show is held in Canada. Also on the show were Sandy and Simon. These are the people Zepp has been with for a few weeks with his sister Lyra so that Jodi could focus on the next litter. After the dog show we first went to have lunch with Jodi at Harvey’s. What a tasty burgers! We also had Poutine here. A typical Canadian dish. Very tasty! Google what it is. (

After lunch we drove to Niagara Falls. This was another drive of about 20 minutes. Arriving there we were right under the Skylon tower (160 meters high). Unfortunately we were not allowed in here with Zepp.

For Kim it was a new environment here. Dion has already been there once during a course in America. But that doesn’t make it any less special! How amazing it is to see how much water keeps coming here and clattering down. Unimaginable!

Besides the fact that the falls are a worldwide known place, we were 7 Manchester. terriers also kind of an attraction. 4 large dogs and 3 puppies of 15 weeks. Everyone melts about that. And it was also special… both the father Talon and the mother Annie van Zepp and his sisters Lyra and Maia were there!

After a long day we drove back to the hotel in Hamilton. An hour’s drive. After dinner we went there for an evening tour with Zepp. After this he was once again only too happy to lie in the crate in his favorite basket!

Sweet dreams!