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Laika and Romy visiting

Saturday June 4 Laika and Romy visited us with their owners Luc and Christine. Laika is Raya’s mother and Romy is Raya’s sister. The weather was great! Lots of sun and a lovely temperature. We started with a nice walk…

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Lazy sunday

Good morning! 😊 Zepp has slept well again. So we did! First we practiced again with Zepp to take him to breakfast in the travel bag. He’s happy to be in it. After breakfast we went to the store to…

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Day at the Veluwe

Due to missing the Manchester Terrier meeting on Sunday, July 4, we traveled to the Veluwe on Thursday, July 8, together with Raya. This was a beautiful day to chill out and have a nice walk in the woods. Na…

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