Back home

Guess what… Zepp slept really well again! Then it won’t be a coincidence. Right? Zepp’s big day to go to his new home!

But first one last time to breakfast… in his travel bag. After breakfast we did a last round with Zepp and put everything in the car. Around 08:45 we walked to the reception to check out and went to the car. We arrived at Jodi’s place a little too early to return Zepp’s borrowed stuff. That’s why we walked a block around the school next to Jodi’s place to give Zepp a good walk.

When we arrived at Jodi we said goodbye and drove to the airport. It was a 45-minute drive, but it took us a little longer due to a traffic jam. During the car ride Zepp slept again. What a sleepyhead.

Arrived at the airport, first return the car and then continue to the terminal. There we found out that we could only check in from 02:00 PM. That’s why we walked with Zepp to the pet relief area. This is an outdoor area where they have artificial grass so that the dog can still do something. Zepp didn’t feel the need to do anything here.

Via Subway we went back to the terminal where we had to check in. On arrival (01:15 PM) it turned out that we could already check in. But there was already a queue. Because we had to have Zepp his papers checked, we were referred to the row of the service desk. Nobody was here! We were quickly helped. The papers, passports, and suitcase handed over. After 15 minutes we were checked-in and released from the suitcase. On our way to security! There was no queue at security either. We made it through in 15 minutes! Wow!

And then………. the waiting began. It was 01:45 PM and we were to leave at 05:00 PM. We checked out some stores, walk around with Zepp and see if there’s anything else he wanted to do in the small pet relief area. But unfortunately, think it was too dirty. Then continue to the gate.

We inquired at the gate desk if we had anything to consider as we had Zepp with us. But this was not necessary. Just boarding was the response.

Just before we start boarding, Zepp took a pee in the hallway. But we cleared this up quickly and well. On to the gate where we only had to wait a while to get in. Until here everything went very smoothly.

Of course, once on the plane, we had to put Zepp in his beloved travel bag. Again no problem! And what do you think? He went to sleep! And he slept the entire flight!

We’re going to fly a bit, on our way to the Netherlands, Zepp’s new home… see you soon!