About us

We are Kim and Dion from Maastricht. We have moved into a new home since 2017. Soon we were thinking about getting a dog as a pet. We had some wishes that the breed had to meet. Barely to no hair loss, not too big in size, good with children, have a sweet but also spicy character, be watchful and you have to be able to walk a lot with it.

Through our great friend Google we found the Manchester terrier. This breed actually met all our wishes. After a lot of reading and getting information, we called a breeder from Zwaag (West Friesland) to get more information. The breeder’s name is Thunder Dragon and is led by Sandy and Auke Krijgsveld. An appointment was soon scheduled  to visit this breeder to meet the dog breed. We had never seen the breed in real life.

On a Saturday we got into the car very early and set course for Zwaag. A very long ride but you have to pay something for it! After all, it is important to be aware of which breed you are going to choose. Once we arrived in Zwaag we were immediately confronted with the temperament of the breed. Very watchful and a very good and heavy bark. You certainly don’t expect a small dog.
When the Manchester Terrier sees you for the first time, the dog is wary. Find out who he/she has standing or sitting in front of him. Over time, there will be some form of trust and you can approach the dog gently to pet. The short and rough coat immediately caught the eye.
After talking with Sandy and Auke for over two hours, we got a very good picture. What a great and special breed! We fell in love immediately.

After a few days we decided to put ourselves on the list for a puppy of this breed. This would be a long wait as it was not yet entirely clear at that time when a nest would come.

Soon after our visit in Zwaag we were brought into contact with Luc and Christine via Sandy, they expect a litter from Laika in the short term and if everything goes well and there are enough females in the litter, we are probably eligible for a puppy . What great news! Especially with the idea that it could take a while. After a “home visit” with Luc and Christine we were even more convinced, we really wanted a Manchester terrier.

On July 2, 2018, Laika gave birth to 4 females and 1 male. This meant that we too would have a puppy.
The real preparations had started and we were waiting for a first visit to the thunder dragons. During our visit we were impressed by the puppies and the way Laika took care of the little ones.
Luc and Christine, together with Sandy, made a decision about who would get which puppy. we got how appropriate, puppy Oranje, den Hollander, we called her Raya!
manchesterterrier raya foto